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FREE Consultations available in Ireland and in the UK (appointment only)

Our Dental Team are in Great Britain for free consultations.

To attend please send us an OPG PANORAMIC X-RAY a few weeks before the consultation. This way when you arrive for the consultation we will already have a detailed dental plan for you. You can have an x-ray taken by a dentist near you.

Please get in contact with our local representatives for more information.
You can contact
Dr. Georgina Borbath MD
Tel: 0044 7979320588
or 0036 20 9742933



Consultation, and aftercare surgery in Wexford and in Newry (appointment only)

FREE Panoramic X-ray
FREE Consultation
FREE Dental Plan

Here you can meet the Dentists and discuss your needs and any concerns you might have. It also gives the Dentists the opportunity to assess and plan your ideal treatment.

Ask for your appointment now!michael

Michael O’Reilly
Irish representative
Tel: 0599130856
Tel (From NI): 00353599130856
Mobile: 0863656193

Please call for an appointment for consultation or check up

000_5671Contact person: Angelika
Tel: 0539108050
Get in touch with our local coordinator, Angelika who will give you detailed information.

The growing number of European patients brought the idea to open our new dental clinics in Wexford, Ravenna and Konstanz. Our dental specialists travel regularly to these countries to offer aftercare to patients who have been treated by us in Hungary. With this international presence it’s a target to get closer to our European patients. In the new postoperative care and consultation clinic in Wexford we can look after your every needs, both before and after treatment in Hungary. The clinic has two fully equipped surgeries. Recently one of the most modern digital xray machines was installed which can give us very accurate pictures within minutes. Our computer system is linked with the clinic in Hungary, this way we have access to all the treatment records and former xrays while you are with us in Wexford.

wexford1 She will help you with forward the X-ray to us. The panoramic X-ray reveals the state of your teeth and jaw bones, so we will be able to put together a detailed dental treatment plan tailored to your needs. Having the treatment plan at your hands you can decide to travel to Hungary to start your dental treatment or you can make an intitial appointment for a consultation with the dental team when they make their eight weekly visits to the UK , with the help of our local coordinators.


–    OPG X-ray (Normal preice 35 Euro)
–    CT (Normal preice 125 Eur)
–    Free dental plan
–    Free consultation
–    Accomodaion
–    Transfer service

Ask an appointment for a free consultation package–>


Transfer and accomodation

It is important for us that you feel at home and relaxed from the moment you arrive. Our taxi service is free of charge and you interpreter will also be with you.



What can I say everyone has been so Kind and nice to me. Treatment very professional could not find a better Clinic. Have never Let me down in all my time at clinic. Thank you so much.

I was very depressed, when I come here … I’m leaving as a differenc person! My doctor , Dr Vereb did a marvelous job! He is confiden, very Knowledgeble and gave bach my self esteem, that I so desparctely needed! Highly recommended! I was very depressed, when I come here...

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Weiter FREE Consultations available in Ireland and in the UK



Weiter Free transfer from-to airport, accomodation

Aftercare in Wexford

Aftercare in Wexford

Weiter Our dental team will offer regular dental check up's and care for all our patients.


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