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…Together with fear, pain is also gone, thus the analgesic injection can not cause any trouble to the patient. At the first time we apply the smallest possible quantity of medicine, which surely has a sedative effect…

Dinitrogen-oxide, Lachgas sedation

It is a revival of an old method, since dinitrogen-oxide is used for sedation in various fields of medical science for the 19th century. The situation is the same with dentistry. It is recommended mainly to anxious patients, since besides being an analgesic, dinitrogen-oxide dissolves fear. In the US and in many other countries, such as Britain, Australia and the Scandinavian countries more than 50 per cent of the dentists use dinitrogen-oxide during treatments.

How does dinitrogen-oxide work?

Even a small amount of dinitrogen-oxide breathed in through a small nose-mask has a considerable effect. The sense of relief and the decreasing of anxiousness create an easy state of trance, during which the patient is conscious and is able to communicate with his doctor and answers questions, gargle, etc. His swallow-reflex remains, so he can not swallow aside. He should not be afraid of such delusions; side effects will not appear. The sense of safeness replaces fear and anxiety, which may be increased with a relaxing music through earphones. This state is called pleasure-hypnosis. Together with fear, pain is also gone, thus the analgesic injection can not cause any trouble to the patient. At the first time we apply the smallest possible quantity of medicine, which surely has a sedative effect. Then we gradually increase the dose till reaching complete painlessness. Dosing depends on the patient’s ability of suffering pain; if he feels pain during the treatment, he can get anaesthetic injection any time he asks for it, since the doctor is able to control the mixture of oxygen and dinitrogen-oxide at any time. After the treatment the patient breath in pure oxygen for five more minutes, till the effect of dinitrogen-oxide is gone. Thus the patient can leave the surgery safely, after the treatment.

Medicinal pre-treatment

Preparing patients with medicines means psychical calming and fear-dissolving. With the help of these, the undesirable subconscious negative feelings can be decreased before treatments.

When do we apply it?
We apply it in such cases when we have to deal with an anxious patient, especially if strong retching and nausea are expected. It is also used in case of such patients, who have already had or are susceptible to different diseases (heart and circulatory-troubles), or if their limited co-operative ability requires it.

Local anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia allows us to execute examinations and treatments without pain, while the patient is absolutely conscious. Local anaesthesia hinders the expansion of pain stimuli; it palliates and dissolves sensitivity to pain, temperature and touch, for a certain time.

Field of applying:
It is applied in case of small and medium interventions of the mouth, teeth, jaw and face, acute, chronic pain and painful, diagnostic interventions.

Sedo analgesia

With the injection of analgesics, sedative medicines through the vein, we are able to cut off the patient’s pain-centre, thus we create a calm and sleepy state. Then we can avoid the creation of fears, but we can protect the heart, the encumbrance and the lungs from physical stress, which may be caused by angst and anxiety. The patient is absolutely conscious and breathes alone during the treatment. In order to reach total painlessness, we apply local anaesthetic.

When do we apply it?
We apply it in such cases, when the patient is extremely timid, anxious or his previous diseases (heart and circulatory troubles) would be physically stress.



What can I say everyone has been so Kind and nice to me. Treatment very professional could not find a better Clinic. Have never Let me down in all my time at clinic. Thank you so much.

I was very depressed, when I come here … I’m leaving as a differenc person! My doctor , Dr Vereb did a marvelous job! He is confiden, very Knowledgeble and gave bach my self esteem, that I so desparctely needed! Highly recommended! I was very depressed, when I come here...

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