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By these days a new medical special field developed from dental surgery: the face and jawbone surgery. The joining process to the European Union changed the training of specialists, one has to spend at least 6-7 years after graduating before obtaining a special examination in dental surgery.

These years have to be spent with preparing with the high-level perform of this developing and beautiful profession.

Let’s take a look on those diseases of which curing dental surgery deals with. One should know that in these days there is an overlap between different medical branches. So it is not only dental surgery that deals with curing of diseases listed bellow.

  • Removal of teeth, roots of teeth, surgical methods of tooth-keeping treatments, surgical therapy of breakthrough backward teeth, inflamed alterations, cysts of jawbones.
  • Jawbone fractures, fractures of face-pan, treating of accident-injuries.
  • Surgery of salivary glands.
  • Treating of bening and malignant tumours of buccal cavity and face.
  • Surgery of lips and palate-splits.
  • Surgical therapy of biting abnormalities.
  • Surgery of jawbone joints.
  • Preprotetic surgical solutions (before preparing/wearing dental prosthesis)
  • Dental implantology.
  • Carniofacial surgery (surgery of face and head alterations).



What can I say everyone has been so Kind and nice to me. Treatment very professional could not find a better Clinic. Have never Let me down in all my time at clinic. Thank you so much.

I was very depressed, when I come here … I’m leaving as a differenc person! My doctor , Dr Vereb did a marvelous job! He is confiden, very Knowledgeble and gave bach my self esteem, that I so desparctely needed! Highly recommended! I was very depressed, when I come here...

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