Root-tip resection

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This kind of intervention is needed when the tooth can not be treated by the usual way.

Root-tip resectionSuch intervention is necessary when for example there is a chronic inflammation around the root-tip, or such pulp, which can not be treated with root-filling for some reasons, or if the root-tip of the tooth reaches into the cyst-cavity of the jawbone and the doctor decides to keep the tooth. After the intervention the treated area slightly swells up, it is useful to have a rest for a day or two. Some analgesic or cold compress may also be needed.


What can I say everyone has been so Kind and nice to me. Treatment very professional could not find a better Clinic. Have never Let me down in all my time at clinic. Thank you so much.

I was very depressed, when I come here … I’m leaving as a differenc person! My doctor , Dr Vereb did a marvelous job! He is confiden, very Knowledgeble and gave bach my self esteem, that I so desparctely needed! Highly recommended! I was very depressed, when I come here...

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