Tooth extraction

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Things to do before and after intervention

When a tooth can not be kept, it must be extracted. For a quick recovery, some advice must be followed:

  • Slightly press the gauze-piece put onto the area for about 15-20 minutes after the intervention.
  • Take an analgesic an hour after the extraction. Thus we can avoid immediate pain in the wound after the intervention. Normally it is not necessary to take more analgesic. In case of bleeding after removing the gauze-piece, put another one onto the wound for about 20 minutes.
  • There might be some pain in the other side of the intervention, as an effect of the injection.
  • Avoid consuming hot and spicy dishes as far as possible.
  • Consumption of coffee and smoking are strictly forbidden on the day of the intervention.
  • There might be strong after-bleeding!
  • You must not gargle or spit, right after the intervention.
  • It is suggested gargling with CORSODYL-solution (or with camomile tea) on the day following the intervention, twice a day, after cleaning teeth.
  • Take special care of oral hygiene!
  • Avoid physical work and stress on the day of the intervention.
  • Consult with your doctor about the regularly taken medicines.
  • Do not touch the artificial surface on the wound with tongue or any tools, it pushes off on its own, after recovering. Speak as little as possible during anaesthesia, in order to protect the tissue-stuck area.
  • If the tooth or its surrounding was inflamed, a temperature may run, ease it with antipyretic.




What can I say everyone has been so Kind and nice to me. Treatment very professional could not find a better Clinic. Have never Let me down in all my time at clinic. Thank you so much.

I was very depressed, when I come here … I’m leaving as a differenc person! My doctor , Dr Vereb did a marvelous job! He is confiden, very Knowledgeble and gave bach my self esteem, that I so desparctely needed! Highly recommended! I was very depressed, when I come here...

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